Introduction to Suomen Sisu in English

An Introduction to Suomen Sisu in English

Suomen Sisu is a Finnish nationalist movement which objects to the current multiculturalist and globalist tendencies and supports the preservation of national states and European heritage. Through its activities, the organisation seeks to protect Finnish culture, traditions and nature, and to promote the well-being of the Finnish people and the preservation of the Finnish language. Suomen Sisu builds a society in Finns can can be proud of, and happy in.

The name of Suomen Sisu should not be translated: its meaning is literally “Finland’s Sisu” and short form is either SuSi or plain Sisu. We strongly discourage using two-letter abbreviation.

Suomen Sisu promotes the comprehensive development of Finnish society in a nationalist direction. The organisation strives to bring together patriotic Finns as well as to develop Finnish national identity at both the social and personal level. The purpose of Suomen Sisu is to create a truly Finnish nationalist community in our country. In order to achieve its purpose, Suomen Sisu aims to engage in awareness-raising activities by publishing articles and by organising presentations and events int he field that are consistent with the goals and activities of the association. In addition, the organisation seeks to influence the official decision-makers and the composition of decision-making bodies.

The Style and emblems

Suomen Sisu revive conceptions of national tradition in every possible way without remaining stuck in the past. We call our highest decision-making body suurkäräjät, which translates as “The Great Thing” while our executive body is käräjät (Thing). Instead of common word sihteeri (secretary) being a loan word, we use Finnish word kirjuri (scribe).

Emblem of Suomen Sisu

Our emblem is the käpälikkö (⌘, Bowen knot, St. John arms), styled in an octagon. In Finland, the symbol was painted or carved on houses and barns, and on domestic utensils such as tableware, to protect them and their owners from evil spirits and bad luck. The symbol appears on a number of old objects in Northern Europe. The oldest surviving example is a pair of 1000-year-old (Finnish pre-Christian period) wooden skis decorated with the symbol (wikipedia). Colors of the emblem are not specified and Suomen Sisu uses several colorisations.

The Seal of Suomen Sisu, four spruce’s twigs and the Heart of Walrus incorporated within the emblem. The flag of Suomen Sisu is blue with white emblem and black details of the seal.

Types of Activities

One of our slogans is “Sisu is an internal force” which means, among other things, that we primarily influence the hearts of our members and supporters and fan the flames of nationalism in everyone. We believe that once it bursts into flames, it will create effective activity. There are numerous examples in culture: lyrical, visual and acoustic arts, and ideological creation, as well as direct and representative political influence. For this reason, Suomen Sisu has been described, as one of the most influential lobbying organisations in Finland.

The practical activity of Suomen Sisu is aimed at the gathering of nationalists. For this reason the association organizes four nationwide events every year. The winter season ends with Day of the Kalevala and Finnish Culture (28th February), Spring season ends at Day of the Finnish Identity (12th May) and the autumn season ends with our anniversary, Day of Hakkapeliittas (6th November). The summer season ending is not tied to a particular day or theme. Therefore Suomen Sisu defines itself as organisation of friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance (citing historical treaty).

Provincial district organisations were set up to not just decentralise the administration, but also to maintain various events and inspirational activities in their area of ​​responsibility. There are also meant to be three special organisations whose activities are aimed to 1) expatriate Finns, 2) Finnic minorities in neighbouring countries and 3) for foreigners who wish to support Suomen Sisu.

Principles, values, ideology

The original Declaration of Principles consists of 14 paragraphs with following titles:

  • The securing of our folk’s existence and development and the preservation of actual and natural diversity
  • Separating the Finnish national state from international coalitions endangering its national interests
  • Societal justice and order
  • Rule of the People
  • The accomplishment of real freedom of speech and responsibility in society
  • The freedom and obligation of the individual to improve himself mentally and physically
  • Recognizing gender equality as a part of the northern heritage
  • Actualizing a responsible relationship between man and nature
  • Opposition of unhealthy selfishness and consumer society
  • Understanding national culture as the heart of society and an advancing force
  • The protection of Finnish language’s natural evolution, because mother tongue is a part of identity
  • Reinforcing national self-esteem and pride
  • Generating a society based on an organic folk community
  • Supporting worldwide nationalist change

Suomen Sisu is at the moment in final phase of approving the new Charter which does not abandon the original declaration but, rather summarises its core.

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